Updating and organizing content library

Friends, Followers, Networkers, MLMers, Entrepreneurs, and Sailors,

We have been restructuring our categories and searchable subsets, sorting our dated material, and just generally straightening up the place for guests.
Please be patient as we fluff the cushions, run the vacuum one more time, and spritz the Febreeze.
Our full content library, links, chatter sessions and various ways to play in our sandbox will be available is a short few days.
In the mean time, feel free to leave a comment with any questions or specific topics you’d like to see covered in upcoming posts!


Your crew.

The past, present and future of Prosperity Cove

OK, as my career evolves, so too, must my online presence. To that end, I have wiped the slate clean here at Prosperity Cove!
Moving forward I will use this space to share, suggest, train, coach, mentor, AND learn.
This will be a two way street, which will lead us all to the Good Life.
Network Marketing and Personal Branding are symbiotic members of the community of greatest success and here at Prosperity Cove, we will work to keep harmony among our members.
Within the next few days, I will begin daily posts encompassing anything and everything we need to grow as professionals and entrepreneurs in the world of Network Marketing.

I will update this site and all contact info, etc. shortly! This is meant to be an interactive Cove!

Cheers for now,